Outer wall cleans way

Outer wall cleans way

&Nbsp;  , external cleaning clean the exterior of the wall there are two main ways: the hanger plate way and window cleaning.
&Nbsp;   the hanger plate way is to use wire, hanger plate to hang people to the working position for cleaning. This is relatively simple, low cost, as long as the worker physical quality good, the rope firmly attached to general building cleaning can be used this way, but this kind of operation safety measures must be in place, otherwise the risk is greater, causing casualties are caused by the security measures are not in place.
&Nbsp;   second, the outer wall cleans condition 1, climatic conditions: the outer wall clean must be performed in good weather conditions, the wind should be less than 4, level 4 stopped working. Therefore, the work should be determined before the wind, especially in high wind. In addition, rain, snow, fog, poor visibility and high temperature (more than 35 ℃) and low temperature (0 c) and other conditions are not suitable for wall cleaning.
    2. Conditions: in order to carry out national security regulations to ensure worker safety and normal operation of equipment, provides air operator must be 18 years of age for male citizens, and after a medical examination and security training, qualified jobs, workers shall not drink beforehand, have physical symptoms such as colds suspended Spider-man.
&Nbsp;   3, equipment conditions: external cleaning of equipment must be in good working condition, where the hanger plate has creepy phenomena such as, part of the strands should be immediately replaced with new ropes.

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