Suitable for Internet marketing?

&Nbsp;   Internet marketing there are four basic conditions:
&Nbsp;   network marketing knowledge, and network technology, and commercial wisdom, and commercial planning many people think I will Internet on will make network marketing, on, will Internet is network marketing of based conditions, but not best conditions, do network marketing, except to has network marketing of based knowledge yiwai, very important of a problem is to has commercial wisdom, to knows commercial planning, dang you put commercial wisdom, and commercial planning and network technology integration in with combined using of when, you of power, and Your role, your effect is significant.
&Nbsp;   outside the us in addition to the use of Internet and networking technologies, a very important point is that we have the products in the online sales process was business planning.
&Nbsp;   business intelligence into the network technology you can get double benefits, people don't realize this is a lot of technology marketing.
&Nbsp;   so you have to really do a network business, you must pay attention to information technology and your business intelligence is a good combination.
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