New four pests project

&Nbsp;   "four pests" have a long history. On February 12, 1958, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued a directive on the four pests to hygiene. Raised to 10 or more within a short time, complete the task to wipe out flies, mosquitoes, rats, sparrows. Gradually, the "Sparrow" is vindicated by "bug". Following the change of social life, "bugs" and "cockroaches". So today's "four pests" as flies, mosquitoes, rats and cockroaches.
&Nbsp;   fly danger for us is: "flies carrying millions of bacteria, viruses, diseases that can be transmitted up to dozens of species. Common: acute gastroenteritis, dysentery, hepatitis a, food poisoning, trachoma, poliomyelitis, ascariasis, cholera, etc. "
&Nbsp;   mosquito hazard for us are these: "it could spread malaria, encephalitis, filariasis, dengue fever, yellow fever and other diseases. "
&Nbsp;   mice to humans: "stealing food, spread disease, destroy farmland environment. "
&Nbsp;   cockroaches also is harmful to us, of course: "chew food, damage materials, contaminated food, and the spread of dysentery, typhoid fever, poliomyelitis, adenovirus, hepatitis and other diseases. In addition, can also make food mildew produce carcinogenic aflatoxins. ”
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