"Fashion cleaning" wig street sweeping

&Nbsp;   summary: Yue Lai Nan road, Shiqi district, Zhongshan, Guangdong has a cleaner aunt, three years daily make-up, wigs, necklace, long dress, wearing boots to work recently, netizens posted on the Forum, and she was "history of the most beautiful and stylish cleaner".
&Nbsp;   Shanghai daily reported on March 20 in everyone's mind, known as "city beautician" sanitation workers were usually dressed in work clothes, but Yue Lai Nan road, Shiqi district, Zhongshan city has a cleaner aunt, 3 years every day make-up, wigs, necklace, long dress, wearing work boots, fashion, pretty herself up.
&Nbsp;   recently, one Netizen on the Forum post, lamented that she was "the most beautiful, the most fashionable cleaners".
&Nbsp;   users found that "fashion" cleaner Netizen "deyinglove" recently posted on the Forum says, himself of taking bus 208 (formerly 31) from home arrived at South outer ring to work almost every morning to see a beautifully stylish, forward cleaners Auntie Yue Lai Nan lu, opposite the hospital clean up garbage.
&Nbsp;   "the first time I saw her, she wore a pair of black boots, was a little confused, she is the janitor?" Netizen "deyinglove" told reporters that when he saw his aunt for the first time, suspected she wasn't the sanitation workers, only to sweep, one after another after seeing her, so I think she is very special.
&Nbsp;   "deyinglove" post attracted many curious, in order to prove a truism, she put her on the bus taken by mobile phone fashion cleaners Aunty photos on the Web. Reporter see, photo in the of cleaners hand took broom, a mobile garbage shovel, wearing dress does is different: wearing a top cute of Bailey CAP, wear a beige small coat, cowboy type in the pants, black of long tube boots...... "deyinglove" said, now daily morning himself are is looks forward to see fashion beautiful of cleaners aunt, "wants to see she will wear what of clothes work".
&Nbsp;   love pretty aunt was song and dance troupe members yesterday at about 9 o'clock in the morning, reporters at the Panda friends across from South traffic Bureau found the hot aunt Liu fashion cleaners. Reporters saw aunt Liu, 40 years old, slim, wearing a stylish Kappa beret, and two wine red fake braids, a large imitation pearls necklace around your neck, wearing a beautiful dress in black, wearing black leather shoes ... ... Aunt Liu, dressed differently dressed up with photos of yesterday, but it's still very stylish and beautiful.
&Nbsp;   aunt Liu told reporters that she is, yongchuan district, Sichuan people, to Zhongshan with sanitation workers have been for 3 years now. When she was in her hometown used to be members of the local song and dance troupe, singing and dancing are good, and they are beautiful people, like dressing up, so even now do cleaners often dress up.
&Nbsp;   spent 1 hour before dressing up for work "every day I got up at 5 o'clock in the morning", aunt Liu said his spent a lot of time dressing up, at 5 o'clock every morning, dress up to 6 o'clock, then breakfast the street before coming to work at 7:30.
&Nbsp;  , she said, she was alone in the Zhongshan rent life, and her husband had divorced, has a son back in her hometown, so they have nothing at home she would sing and dance, or dress himself. "Neighbors like to hear me sing, I dance, also comforts before I don't want to upset things. "
&Nbsp;   sanitation company:
&Nbsp;   demand that workers in uniform now, a lot of city sanitation workers were required to unified special sanitation service work. Zhongshan has no such requirements? came to work dressed in casual clothes, like Aunt Liu is in contravention of the sanitation workers?
&Nbsp;   reporter learned yesterday visited Zhongshan city sanitation, sanitation Department of sanitation workers in Zhongshan city's dress code is not strict, they are just sweeping municipal road work contracted sanitation company, and the specific management of the sanitation workers mainly from the sanitation companies themselves. But the reporter then interviewed a number of sanitation found that sanitation companies typically require sanitation workers sanitation service dressed in uniform to work.
&Nbsp;   environmental services Ltd of Zhongshan city told Xinhua they always require their own sanitation workers sanitation service dressed in uniform. Reason for this request, taking into account on the one hand the city's image and corporate image problems, and the main purpose is to protect sanitation workers of job security issues. According to this, unified environmental suits with bright reflective markers, colors bold, for vehicles a heads up so that sanitation workers on the Road safe for work. A staff environmental services limited, West said, for the sake of sanitation worker's own security, they are strict with yourself put on the uniform of sanitation workers work clothes, if workers law stipulates that they will normally verbal warnings, again taken money for words, "5~10".
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