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&Nbsp;   construction Essentials substrate requirements for exterior wall paint coating the surface of the most basic requirements for architectural coatings – dry, firm, clean.
    1. Drying: cement wall maintenance for at least 1 month (7 weeks in winter) and humidity below 6%, wood surfaces and humidity below 10%; the walls free of seepage and cracks and other structural problems.
    2. Firm: no loose powder, is not a loosening of the old wall paint.
    3. Clean: no oil, grease, mould, algae and other adherent.
&Nbsp;   materials do not meet the requirements at the end of film performance will be seriously affected. Wall humidity may cause blistering of paint films, from the skin, peeling, and wall penetration and alkali, the film lost and even mildew; effect loose dirt stick attached to substrate adhesion, leading to peeling, flaking and other phenomena, such as breeding of mold, mildew will also lead to paint film.
&Nbsp;   substrate handling 1. The new wall. Maintenance of 1 month or more humidity 6% (you can use a hygrometer to test), clear the floating dust stain and leakage base.
    2. The old walls. High pressure water flush or mechanical polished clear product gray and may breeding of bacteria algae, cleaning dry, has necessary can brush coated mold solution (available bleach preparation into 10% of solution), then water flush clean; old coating intact, clean surface Hou can directly heavy coated; old coating has powder of, and sparkling, and cracking, and peeling, needed eradication old coated film again brushing a again primer, and two again surface paint.
    3. Use wallpaper wall. Torn wallpaper, washing away the glue and dry according to the walls for proper treatment and coating.
    4. Glass fiber surface. Direct paint topcoat.
    5. Timber. Surface removal or replacement of worn and decaying parts, clean and repair surface, door and window and wall joints with elastic filler block up.
    6. Metal surface. Iron type: remove surface rust, rust-inhibiting primer to be clean brush immediately after the corresponding non-ferrous: remove the surface grease, oxides, and painted in a corresponding increase in the adhesion of the primer.
&Nbsp;   wall 1. If the wall flat, PuTTY is not recommended.
    2. If you use PuTTY, thin instead of thick brush.
    3. Outside of Polish, PuTTY requests, should also have better strength and durability. For exterior walls, kitchens and bathrooms, and its requirement to the PuTTY should have better adhesion, adhesive durability and water resistance.
    4. Wall there may be problems with processing methods: dust, powder-outdoor use high pressure water washing, Interior damp cloth wipe; oil-using neutral detergent; mortar-with shovel, scraper, removing; mould – an outdoor wash with high pressure water, indoor cleaning with bleach for a few minutes, rinse and dry.
&Nbsp;   latex paint because it is a water paint construction conditions, higher construction and maintenance requirements. Construction maintenance temperature above 5 ° c, humidity is lower than 85%, to ensure that the film is good. Low temperature will cause the cracking problem of latex paint film powder, humidity Ambassador film quit for a long time, and eventually led to bad film. Outer wall construction must take into account the weather, before brushing paint, 12 hours not raining, ensure the substrate drying after brushing, can't rain for 24 hours, to avoid paint was washed out by rain.
&Nbsp;   coating system of architectural paints for exterior wall coating system, divided into 3 layers: Primer, paint and surface paint.
    1. Primer. Closed wall primer alkaline, improve paint adhesion, across properties and surface coating effects have greater impact. Without the use of primer, paint film adhesion has dwindled, wall opposite the alkaline properties of greater impact, especially using PuTTY to the underside of the white cement may result in paint powder, yellow, bleeding problems such as alkali, destroying properties, affect the life of the paint film.
    2. In the paint. Painted in the main role is to improve adhesion and hiding power, provides three-dimensional pattern to increase fullness and reduce the amount of paint.
    3. Topcoat. Paint is the last coating system, with decorative features, resists environmental damage. Taking into account the different requirements of users, different exterior paint products can be recommended.
&Nbsp;   coating technique to achieve good painting effect, and skilled levels are needed, but construction of latex paint is not very difficult. First, the substrate requirements should be clean and dry and firm, press manual operation, coating conditions are suitable, accurate dilution ratio, excessive dilution makes the paint does not cover base, powder, glossy paint gloss, color. Secondly, good construction equipment is a must.
    1. Paint for exterior wall coating under the order first and then, from roofs, gutters, columns, beams and rafters to wall, door and floor. Each of these parts has to be in order from top to bottom coating. Brush each site, cannot stop halfway, if you had to stop, to select connection parts of the original structure of the House, such as the connection between wall and window frames. So you can avoid unsightly seams. In the painted cornice to the following two steps, brush the bottom of the plate, then brush sunny positions. Brush pieces of cornice at the same time, move the ladder along the wall in turn, quick action in the process of painting, and from time to time in the dry and wet junction brushing back and forth a few times, to avoid cascading or seams.
    2. Window: hinged flat paint on the window you want to open. Order is the first top, sides and bottom, then Rails, window frames, the top frame and the window sill.
    3. Flat panel door: this door and wall brushing method, first outline border and then fill, brush from the top down, at the end of door and wall joints. Another method is to use the drum, then gently with the brush vertically to remove drum stripe marks.
&Nbsp;   4. fancy wood doors: the paint on the door to start from the bump at the top of part, brush edges first and then fill every piece, and finally brush the remaining part and borders on the doors and walls joining site.
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