Comprehensive Handbook of household cleaning

&Nbsp;   the first step: clean clean, emphasis should be placed on the kitchen and bathroom. Kitchen is the most frequently used places in the home, is most likely hiding place. Range hood, gas stove you should first clean. Usually to avoid grease accumulation on crack in the hood, you can open the key cover wrap and replaced from time to time. So, clean, simply remove the cling film can be. Cleaning Turbo hood, you can boot the machine, detergent spray on the inner walls of the fan blade and using the centrifugal force of the rotation of the machine dumped oil in addition to soften, then wipe the inner wall. When you wipe the gas stove, apply texture, mild detergent, furnace mouth can thin wire brush to remove the carbide furnace mouth one by one with the thin wire port transfix and brush the dirt. In the bathroom, wet for a long time could easily lead to black spot and mildew points, walls, toilets, bathtubs are often able to accumulate dirt, these need to be specially formulated cleanser. Living room and bedroom are the most festive home sites, clean focused on doors and Windows, carpets, floors, sofas, curtains and furniture. Require dry cleaning should be a week or so in advance to get the dry cleaner.
&Nbsp;   second step: packing is clean after the second project experienced homemakers, cleaning the first is thrown debris. Due care the old ideas and blind shopping, many families became storage centers, while spring cleaning items well, throw away, the admission acceptance to make order with limited space. In order to make storage work efficiency, best use of different storage bins to help. Like layers of stacked plastic boxes, can be placed in any corner, to save space, increase space. In some spaces, such as corners, stairs devices such as storage shelf below, located in the corner corner shelves assembled lockers or activity, it's all good ideas for full use of the space.
&Nbsp;   the third step: layout arrangement of household is the everchanging world of the last item. Appropriate ideas, allows home novelty. Most families back to paint the walls or change the wallpaper to change home atmosphere. Before any decision to paint the walls, first select color, warm colors make the room feel cozy, cool colors gives a fresh and clean feeling. If you can't determine the color, white will always be the safest color. In addition, add a few potted plants at the right time in the home, can express a joyous festival atmosphere. Hanging picture of a unique style of decorative painting, also can play a key role. Some housewives in the fabric to work on, because the fabric is easy to mix, color variety, and price popularity, softening lines and beautify the space and create a warm and comfortable atmosphere at home has been a great help. Home curtains, tablecloths, cushions, bedding fabrics can be used on a new look. Open cabinets, optional colors, patterns, excellent piece of cloth to cover in order to resolve the messy space. Changing lamps and small craft is the home turned into a formula.
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