Carpet cleaning tips

&Nbsp;   carpets tend to give people a sense of elegance, luxury and style. Carpet texture, pattern, color and reflects the user's cultural heritage, aesthetic level and enjoy the taste. But the carpet is stained by pollution, as if his clothes dirty, people very upset. How heavy a carpet cleaning and maintenance clean, fresh, soft and resilient? This requires us to have a good quality of special cleaning agent, advanced and efficient cleaning machines and equipment, professional and experienced workers and a long lasting, achievable programme of cleaning and maintenance. We not only have the basic necessities, also has a lot to deal with a variety of special stain dirt the technology and know-how, I believe we can wish you a helping hand.
&Nbsp;   clean the carpet specifications and operations:
&Nbsp;   includes a variety of leather, wool, chemical fiber carpets, tapestries, carpets, tapestries, etc. Carpet steam sauna, multi-function machine cleaning machine, vacuums absorbing water machine, disinfection, decontamination agents for carpets with special steam to kill mites, sterilization, foam cleaning and decontamination, vacuums absorbing water machine, drying, combing, and finally sprayed antifouling agent, the carpet waterproofing membrane on the surface, to waterproof and dustproof effect.
&Nbsp;   (a) the role and purpose of carpet cleaning: longevity and maintain a good appearance of carpet maintenance conditions of indoor air quality, reduces the growth of bacteria.
&Nbsp;   (b) the types of carpet: natural fiber rayon wool nylon (c) carpet the best nursing care: prevention and protection, local dirt and cleaned on a regular basis, (iv) tools: washing machines, water machine, drying machine, steam engine, watering cans, signs.
&Nbsp;   (e) medicaments: carpet cleaner (high foam, bubble-free), carpet stain removal agent, gel, neutral detergent and air refreshing agent.
&Nbsp;   doormat has a bright color, it serves to prevent dust from entering the Interior of function, is also part of the decoration in the foyer, so its cleaning care is especially important, here are some of its nursing method:
&Nbsp;  , daily care:
&Nbsp;   1, flip the mat, shake off the sand, pass the end of the pad without having to flip, shake off the sand directly.
&Nbsp;   2, with a vacuum cleaner sucking pad surface between dust and fibers.
&Nbsp;   3, will be cleaned, wipe the floor clean.
&Nbsp;   4, re-place mats.
&Nbsp;   II, clean refurbished:
&Nbsp;   1, and daily care, shake off the dust from your mats.
&Nbsp;   2, using a high pressure water washing, preferably washed with 40 c below, you can use some neutral detergent, do not use acid-alkaline detergent cleaning, which will accelerate the aging of the mat.
&Nbsp;   3, drying and dry.
&Nbsp;   4, re-place mats.
&Nbsp;   three special stains, carpet cleaning method:
&Nbsp;   1, edible oils: use volatile solvents such as gasoline or carbon clear, stub to use alcohol to clean.
&Nbsp;   2, soy sauce: first brush with cold water and detergent, remove old dirty sauce free hot water to wash 滌 劑 and ammonia to scrub, then cleaning NET.
&Nbsp;   3, Polish 漬: petrol, alcohol wipe, then wash with SOAP NET.
&Nbsp;   4, urine 漬: new dirt mark available hot water or ammonia water fluid washes to remove 10%, the displayed year dirt mark by using the wash 滌 wash 滌 劑, again with ammonia water cleans the pure vegetable hair carpet with Remon lemon acid 滌.
&Nbsp;   5, 漬 fruit juice: by 5% ammonia water fluid clean first, later with a neutral detergent to wash it again. But the effect of ammonia on wool carpet fibers are damaged, it should be to reduce the use of generally available citric acid or SOAP, alcohol is also available.
&Nbsp;   6, ice cream 漬: wipe with petrol and have empathy.
&Nbsp;   7, wine 漬: new dirt mark water used clean then. Displayed year dirt mark need for aqueous solutions of ammonia and borax to clear it. If hex is material for carpets, use oxalic acid washing 滌.
&Nbsp;   8, 漬 coffee, tea 漬: ammonia available for washing and eliminating. Silk, wool carpet and neutral washing 滌 劑 Leach at 10-20 points but then wash or cleaning with 10% glycerol solution.
&Nbsp;   9, vomiting, 漬: after the one method is cleans with the gasoline, and 5% ammonia water to clean, and wash with warm water. Another method is to use ammonia advises 10% waste wet soap with added alcohol wipe, and use a neutral detergent to clean.

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