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&Nbsp;   Guiyang jieling cleaning cleaning services limited is the industrial and commercial registration, cleaning service company with legal personality. Using advanced cleaning equipment and imports environmental pharmacy, designed for family, Villa, units, hotel, Office, property, plant, public facilities, provides indoor cleaning, and home wasteland, and carpet cleaning, and outside wall cleaning, and large engineering wasteland, and ground cleaning, cleaning service, and Guiyang cleaning, and Guiyang cleaning company, and Guiyang cleaning, and Guiyang cleaning company, and Guiyang carpet cleaning, and Guiyang stone refurbished, and Guiyang stone conservation, and Guiyang smoke road cleaning, and Guiyang outside wall cleaning, and Guiyang tank cleaning, and Guiyang wasteland cleaning company, and Guiyang advertising brand cleaning , Guiyang carpet cleaning companies, external wall of Guiyang Guiyang flue cleaning company, cleaning company, cleaning work of the long-term contract catering and entertainment. Employees in Shanghai District Branch.
&Nbsp;   through the development, now has more than engineering and technical management staff of more than 70. More than 1200 employees, professional training, as well as large companies with advanced construction equipment. In order to closely follow the international trend of environmental protection and management. Commercial buildings, Office, family room, carpet cleaning, marble and other renovation sector, implementation of special charge, be satisfied with postpaid.
Guiyang Cleaning Cleaning Service Co.,Ltd

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